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LS 6-bolt
LS3 / L98 / L76

LS1 241 casting
LS6 243 casting
LS canted valve

VN cast iron
Yella Terra - 9

Chev - Small block

13° Racer Pro
15° Racer Pro
18° Racer Pro
23° Racer Pro

GM SB2.2
Splayed valve

Chev - Big block

Brodix Big Duke
Dart big block



Ford - small block


CHI 238cc
CHI 280cc

Ford 3V

Ford - Big block

Super Cobra Jet 460


Nissan/Holden RB30 6-cylinder

Formally known as CID, our Aussie manufactured HRD Higgins LS-series cast alloy CNC ported heads are available to suit LS7, L98/LS3 ports for street and race applications.

Customised designed port configuration to suit your own needs. Unlike other companies we don't have one port to suit all.

All heads feature 6-bolts per cylinder and use CHE seats and guides.

Our LS 6-bolt ports are designed and developed by Darin Morgan at Reher-Morrison Racing Engines.