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Tim's Holden Monaro CV8 [ Pontiac GTO ] street car has run into the nines. The car is powered by a naturally aspirated LSX 454ci V8 engine that Tim has built himself at home. The engine features CNC ported CID cylinder heads and a Higgins spec solid roller camshaft all running on regular pump unleaded petrol tuned by Westernlink Automotive.

C&A 500rwkW HSV upgrade package using our CNC heads.

Luke's Holden Torana is aided by Higgins CNC ported LS3 heads.

C&A Auto Fashion's new Holden VF Commodore SS-V features Higgins CNC ported LS heads. See how well they work in this video below.

James E3 GTS features Hggins LS CNC ported cylinder heads.

9-second True Street Car

Congratulations to Domenic who raced his Torana at Calder Park recently. The LJ went a best of 9.93/136mph in full street trim (radials, exhaust, 98 pump fuel) and improved to a 9.83/138mph dropping the mufflers. The car features a Westernlink Automotive naturally aspirated 400ci Chev using Higgins CNC ported Racer Pro 23-degree cylinder heads good for 650hp on PULP. Great result first time out with this combo!

9-second True Street car

Pontiac GTO LSX

Our new Pontiac drag car has run its first laps over the blacktop. Powered by a Higgins LSX aspirated engine, the GTO has gone 7.50 at present. We are currently building a new engine so stay tuned for further results.

Lyle Lemon's MRPSI Holden Ute Dyno champion
1713hp at the wheels at 33psi boost

SBC 414ci Brodix BD2000 heads prepared by Higgins

Stef Buccella’s Westernlink Automotive 400ci LC Torana
Higgins ported Racer Pro 15-degree SBC heads
8.17 at 170mph.

Robert Adamo's short wheelbase Ford Bronco has gone as quick as 10.2 at 134mph after only a handful of passes. The big Ford is powered by a Windsor stroker.

Frank's FAIRXW Falcon is one of the quickest naturally aspirated street Fords in the land. The car uses a pair of Higgins prepped 3V heads and has gone as quick as 9.20 at 147mph and 9.44 on radial tyres.

Higgins LSX IRS Ute

Higgins Race Developments 427 LSX VY Ute
9.05 at 152mph naturally aspirated

Australia's quickest IRS Commodore

Tim Holmyard's 427 LSX nitrous assisted VX Commodore 8.60 at 163mph



Congrats to Mark Cranny, Peter Procter and Damien Matthews for winning the 2015 Waterski Racing World Championship held in New Zealand. 

Hell Yeah uses Higgins CNC ported Brodix big block cylinder heads.

Hell Yeah wins World Ski Championship

Hellrazor Dominates 2013 Southern 80 again!

Congratulations to Mark Cranny and the crew of Hellrazor who have continued their dominant reign of the Club Marine Southern 80 ski race. This was Mark's fifth straight Superclass event win and his fourth in a row with Hellrazor.

Hellrazor is powered by a twin turbo big block Chev engine complete with Higgins CNC Brodix race cylinder heads designed for turbo applications.

Tru Blue

Congratulations to Mark Cranny and his Tru Blue ski race boat who took out first place at the 16th World Water Ski Racing championships in Belgium recently. Tru Blue is powered by a twin turbo big block Chev engine complete with Higgins CNC race cylinder heads.

Tru Blue



We would like to congratulate the Hellrazor team for another triumphant win at the annual Southern 80 ski race. Mark Cranny, Damien Matthews, Jason Walmsley and Peter Proctor won the event outright in the record time of 30:32.28.

Hellrazor is powered by a twin turbo big block Chev engine complete with Higgins CNC race cylinder heads.

Hellrazor wins the Southern 80

Sapphire Racing

Unlimited ski boat racer Tim Pickford campaigns this wild twin turbo BBC boat using Higgins prepared Dart big block cylinder heads. Tim has seem a lot of success of late in the unlimited class and is looking to step up to Super class.

Hellbent ski boat

Higgins race heads sit a top of this 21-foot monster boasting a 510ci (8.4lt) twin turbocharged and intercooled big block Chevrolet. Specs include a GM engine block, Dart Pro 1 aluminum cylinder heads, electronic engine management, Crane camshaft and Crower crankshaft. Making in excess of 1400hp, Hellbent had run at over 210 km/h on the water.

Having won the 2005 and 2006 Southern 80 ski event, Hellbent won the 2008 event and in doing so and smashed the 8-year old race record. This caps off a big year for the team winning Robinvale and Mildura 100 in record breaking time, not to mention taking out the King of the Murray show.

1065hp @ 9600rpm
418ci LS engine making 1065hp @ 9600rpm
Built by Higgins Race Developments


Holden 408ci twin turbo LS1 VY SS Ute

Congratulations to Tim Perry who recently ran a new personal best time of 8.67 at 163mph. The Ute is powered by a twin turbo 408ci LS1 combination using our Higgins CNC ported cylinder heads.

Quickest N/A 355 Holden street car

Peter's naturally aspirated 355ci stroker V8 Holden powered Torana runs into the 9.1-second zone at Calder Park. The Torana uses Higgins CNC Yella Terra Dash-9 cylinder heads.

TUFSS3 8-second LS1 nitrous SS Commodore

Tim's 8-second VX SS Commodore has recently received a new engine combination consisting of a 440ci 13:1 LSX engine using our new CNC ported CID cylinder heads and twin throttle manifold. Initial dyno testing has seen around 850hp/660Ib.ft naturally aspirated which should increase to 1100+hp with nitrous.


Higgins LSX IRS Ute runs 9.05 at 151mph naturally aspirated


L98 back to back dyno test

Here is a good example of what gains can be had using Higgins CNC ported cylinder heads. The power readings below were obtained on the same car on the same chassis dyno at HP-F.

Green is as follows:

  • HP-F Camshaft upgrade
  • HPF 3in exhaust, 1-7/8in headers
  • VCM OTR with MAF
  • HP-F dyno tune

Red is as above with the addition of:

  • Higgins CNC ported L98 cylinder heads

Dyno results